We asked for freelancers and organisations to share projects and work from the last 2 years. This exhibition celebrates the creativity and adaptability of freelancers in theatre across the UK.

Click on the images below for more on each project.

Live illustration from our end of project events

by Katie Chappell

Behind the Curtain

by Byron Mondahl

The Art of Uprising

by Peyvand Sadeghian

Road to Recovery

by Cultural Freelancers Wales


by Emma Spearing

Owl at Home

by Rina Vergano and Theatr Iolo

Escape to Mars

by Kill the Cat Theatre

A Greenham Campfire

by LH Trevail, Scary Little Girls and Greenham Women Everywhere

Wilding Theatre

by Miscreations Theatre

The Future Project

by Kill the Cat Theatre

Women Working Class Podcasts

by Fox Irving

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