Escape to Mars

by Kill the Cat Theatre


When people say there’s no Planet B, they’re wrong. There’s always Mars!

 At least that’s what we believe at ESCAPE TO MARS. 

Try your luck at our slot machine to see if you have what it takes to follow Jeffrey Bezos & Elon Musk and win a ticket to Mars 🚀 

An interactive choose-your-own-adventure Twine game about the climate crisis, gambling whilst the planet burns around you and escaping this godforsaken rock.

‘[One of] a few companies who make strong cases for theatre in its digital form’ The New York Times

Play the game and find out more here.

Created by Kill The Cat

Script and programming by Dylan Frankland 

Designed by Madeleine Allardice 

Dramaturgy by Upstart Theatre 

Technical mentorship, programming and UX Design by Rob Sherman

Produced by Turtle Key Arts

Kill The Cat is an award-winning interactive theatre company run by co-artistic directors Dylan Frankland and Madeleine Allardice. Produced by Turtle Key Arts. Using interaction to tackle social issues, we give our audiences agency and choice; placing them at the heart of the action. But above all creating a shared sense of community & play.

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