A Greenham Campfire

by LH Trevail, commissioned by Scary Little Girls & Greenham Women Everywhere

Digitising Greenham Women Everywhere’s archive of interviews as interactive text-based digital campfires, where readers can ask the questions they want to ask. A warm and lightweight virtual space for in-depth ideas, learning and inspiration. Commissioned by Scary Little Girls & Greenham Women Everywhere, this project grew during the pandemic from creating one Campfire, to teaching others skills to build their own, creating new remote paid work for artists and activists, and exploring new ways to work with archives.

Join a Campfire here

Image credit, Kayleigh Hilsdon

You can also read blog posts about building the Campfire during lockdown, and about learning tech tools with twine.

LH Trevail works as a contextual artist weaving actions in connected technology, innovation and transport, with traditional theatre, writing, and visual art practice. Laura aims to make glancing work with long-term resonance; like the memory of a kind word, or the lasting shiveriness of a ghost story. Sometimes it’s head stuff, sometimes heart, sometimes both. Always gut.

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