Tell us: Organisations & Venues Survey

Launching today is our survey for Theatre Organisations and Venues. An important part of the Freelancers in the Dark project is to understand how freelancers and the role they play in the theatre sector are perceived. We’re also keen to understand how different kinds of support and relationships are emerging or being sustained between theatre freelancers and organisations/venues during the lockdowns and interruptions created by COVID19. To see more about the whole project and all the different elements, please click here.

We invite theatre organisations and venues of all shapes and sizes, commercial and non-profit, who produce and/or present theatre, and deliver theatre projects (youth and community theatre, etc). We are keen to also hear from multi-artform organisations who include theatre as part of their programme. Please also share this with organisations and venues as widely as possible – the wider and more diverse range we capture, the better picture we will form.

The survey is open until 19 March 2021 and takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete. We are asking a couple of questions about staffing figures and it may be useful to have these to hand before you start. To complete the survey, please click here. There is an audio play button to assist with survey completion if you require it. If you would like assistance completing this survey, please contact us through the project email or using the contact form on this site. See here.

The data we gather from this survey is anonymous and will be added to the other information we gather from all the different parts of the project. You can see all of our strands of data collection on the ā€˜Take Partā€˜ page.

Published by Ali FitzGibbon

Programmer, producer, arts researcher & consultant

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