Launching the Freelancers Survey

We are pleased to be launching our survey, an important tool with which to understand the effect of the COVID19 pandemic on freelance theatre workers across the UK. We hope to reach workers in a variety of roles, across all stages of their careers, and to represent the full diversity of people and skills that make up this workforce.

Our survey of freelancers is particularly interested in the experience of being a theatre freelancer in the UK since March 2020. The project as a whole is concerned with the social, cultural and economic impact of the COVID19 pandemic, and the survey addresses all of these issues. Through it, we hope to build a holistic understanding of how these issues intersect, and to be able to back up our other research strands with quantitative data.

This survey, aimed at people who consider themselves theatre freelancers, is only one aspect of our data collection. We have also been running interviews and will continue with a suite of qualitative methods throughout 2021. Follow us on Twitter to hear more about these. We are also launching a survey aimed at employing organisations to examine the support they have been providing freelancers. You can see all of our strands of data collection on the ‘Take Part‘ page.

Taken together, all of our data will not only help document the collective strategies of freelancers during and in the immediate aftermath of COVID19, but also help the sector develop a plan to address the challenges facing freelancers in 2021. We will be publishing reports, articles and holding events to facilitate communication with support networks across the UK, and increase resilience in the sector. Every participant in our research is a vital part of making this as impactful as possible.

The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete, and consists of both tick-box and free text questions. It is open until March 19th, 2021. All information on consent and the use of data can be found on the frontpage of the survey, or here. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you very much for considering completing this survey. Please do share it with your networks; the more people we hear from, the more powerful our work will become.

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